should you get married?

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you'll make in your life, so it makes perfect sense that you’ll want complete confidence in your choice. Before getting married, there are a few questions every couple should ask themselves and have a solid answer before proceeding. Otherwise, the marriage might be on the rocks well before the ship sets sail.

When is the Time Right?

A Lifelong commitment

Marriage is a lifelong decision, and couples should know for a fact whether they can see themselves growing old together. Couples should understand that changes within each other and their relationship are inevitable, so there should be a solid foundation for them to begin with. While a lifelong marriage is no guarantee, it's a great goal to achieve.

Starting a Family

Kids are another major topic of discussion when it comes to marriage. Couples should be wholly honest with themselves and each other when it comes to whether they want to start a family. While the decision to have children can change over time, it's best to go with your initial answer rather than see if your opinion changes once you've successfully tied the knot.

Discuss Your Finances

Couples should be open and honest about their finances, which should include their income as well as their debts. Finances are often a source of contention, even in the happiest of marriages. Much like having kids, financial situations can change. And just like having kids, there're no solid guarantees when it comes to money. Couples should know what they're getting into.

Discuss Your Finances

Couples should take some time individually to decide whether their significant other is someone they see themselves marrying. Being too hasty or dishonest can lead to a dissolving marriage and the need to involve divorce lawyers. Such a disaster can be averted if couples go with their gut instincts and openly communicate with each other about the type of marriage they desire.